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Human Ecologist

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I Care! Books

Ree’s books are comprised of Non-fiction real-life happenings.

All age groups will find fresh, new, interesting approaches, including pertinent pictures in each of the Ree’s two published books:

A FAMILY FUN BOOK Exploring Pictures, Prose, & Poetry

A TRUE ADVENTURE MYSTERY With Sparkling Intrigue For All Ages

Her third book, GRANDMA’S 1893 COOKBOOK, is in the process of being written. Availability will be announced or let Ree know your interest.

About the Author

Ree served as a writer and co-chair of a textbook for the Kansas City Missouri Public Schools. She served as an on-call teacher at all levels and subjects in the Chicago area and Sequim, Washington. Additionally, due to her teaching experience, Ree worked in high schools and the community as an Associate Home Economist For Greater Kansas City representing McCall’s Patterns. Her experiences encompass both youth and adults in all levels of education and television.

Co-owning their own Seattle job placement service with her husband gave broad opportunities to “educate” and assist employment seekers. Raising four sons, including twins, has broadened her perspective as a human ecologist holding a Bachelor of Science degree with Highest Honors from Kansas State University. Ree coordinates blood donor drives and serves her community through Sequim Community Church.

Her approach to the following Non-fiction books, reflects experiences with which she is familiar. You will thoroughly enjoy silent reading or sharing with a child, friend, discussion group, or a bored shut-in. Her books transcend age differences including pictures to which everyone can relate.

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Exploring Pictures, Prose, & Poetry

Beautiful Photographs highlight a wide variety of animals, plants, rocks, bodies of water, home life, and use of our senses. This related picture information extends into pertinent correlations in Kick It Around. This prose overview is followed by a brief related Poem. Within these limited chapter pages is content leading to Springboard Jump. This section can lead to many levels of discussion, depending upon readers.

Now, about Fun to Do—within each chapter, there is a wide range of suggested activities that can be selected for further expansion of the subject, providing greater understanding and entertainment. Singular activities are suggested as well as others that will develop greater bonding.

Time spent? It is your choice—from little to lots. These upbeat views of nature will add depths of understanding of the world around you. This book is worthwhile for parents, young children, youth, and the young-at-heart. Reread and share. You’ll see. Enjoy, identify and appreciate new things each time.

“I took Ree’s book with me to South Korea, where I taught English to children and adults. Not only was it fun to read, it was a great sample of English and how it is used in real life.”
Renae Reed, Editor, The Leader newspaper in Port Townsend, Washington

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With Sparkling Intrigue For All Ages


This adventure takes place between Whitefish and Missoula, Montana. It is a sunny, cold, windy, snowy day throughout a succession of climactic circumstances on the road. There are unexplained problems overcome by patience, generosity, smiles, widespread teamwork, and unexplainable circumstances resulting in good fortune.

Beguiling Story Pictures start each of ten chapters. Brief Poetry presents circumstances. Together, these can be developed into thoughts or discussion for any age level using the Talk Together guide following each chapter.

"There is a wealth of information given that transitions neatly within the book’s entire composition. The author must be lauded for giving much thought to how this book is composed.”
Xlibris Publishing, Bloomington, Indiana


The central question to this riveting story leads to an event summary , “Who Rescued Buster Bus?,” presenting one possible overall solution. The book is a revolving word picture of a variety of situations you, too, might experience.

Fun to Do presents possibilities for sharing thoughts, drawing, developing new information, or riding on a pretend Buster Bus.

“Huston’s work is instantly likeable and worthy of praise for a complex, but easily accessible interactive story that is a truly enjoyable read.”
Xlibris Publishing

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